Use Z, Ctrl or A keys to fire. Use all arrow keys to move.

How to Play

Heart Horror is a bullet hell shoot-em-up game. Your avatar is a lot larger than your hitbox - enemy bullets may touch your ship and yet you will not take damage. Only if the bullet touches the very centre of your ship will you lose a life point.

The core of gameplay is to avoid bullets, partially by recognizing and remembering enemy boss attack patterns.

Now go save the world from the Vast Horrors, okay? Thanks.



  • Arrow keys (up, down, left, right) to move
  • Z, A or Ctrl to fire
  • Space to toggle autofire
  • Hold Shift to slow down time (only on easy and easiest difficulties)
Additional controls:
  • P or Pause or click outside the browser window to pause
  • R to reset the level
  • Esc to return to main menu
  • F2 to toggle displaying hitboxes (significant CPU load)
  • Hold F to increase speed
You may move both horizontally and vertically.